There really aren’t any answers.


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Paint Daze

Ever since i stopped masterbating, I have had the most intense sleeping orgasms… #wakeupflawless #iwokeuplikedis


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I was always uncomfortable when he went down on me


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Miss You So | Frank Ocean

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Tribute to my fav, Frank Ocean

My love always brought him to his knees.

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What is worth living for?
What is worth dying for?

The blood trickles 

Off my wrists

I can’t see clearly anymore

They want me to be well

But each time I dig deeper

Opening wounds

To stitch up later

But I could instead

Bleed out

Drain my body

Relieving my brain

Of the warm, stinging river

That fills up my veins 

As I die heavily

I hear his voice

He lashes out anger and judgement

He hates me

So I must bleed

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She cries for reason to live
He sings the night away
A story we all know too well

The forever silence
That tempts this heart of mine
I write, so I don’t call
I pray for every breath, so I don’t choke
During numb parts
Parts like these

Are they real?
I wake up and ask myself
And end up in a tea shop

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I got this new dress today and I’m pretty in love with the back ✌️💞