Today was the first day

I untangled you from my bitter heart
I had spun a web of dreams
all filled with you by my side
We kissed under moonlight
and paved our love on the kitchen floor
but your heart skips a beat
and gives love and then takes it away when 
I send my naive happily ever together
Who made it acceptable for someone
to show you a world of bliss
and then snatch it away from your unsteady head
within two consecutive love letters
Today was the first day
I let you go
I’ve been here before but
somehow my feet still shiver
from the hot water turned cold

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Red Light District
Sometimes I garden
I’m peachy 🍑
Happy birfday sibby :)

This poem has put to words feelings I didn’t think could be described. It’s gotten me through a lot, maybe it will for some of you, too. It’s also the inspiration for the next tattoo I’m getting. 

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Sam- Inside Out Project